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Dialect for and Hmong Family Health Guide

Thursday, September 13, 2007 at 11:07:34 AM

As of April 2007, we are using the Green Hmong dialect for original content on, including the new content for the Hmong Family Health Guide. Translations for the Health illustrations and Health dictionary will include White Hmong translations as well as Green. Documents already completed in White Hmong will also be included on the website.

New bilingual Health illustrations completed by Kalia Moua have been added to the site . They have English/White Hmong labels. As our editors complete the lists of terms in English, Green, and White Hmong, Kalia will be adding versions with English/Green Hmong labels.

The Health dictionary is also a work in progress, with new terms added as needed for understanding content in the Our Word version will become the glossary and index for the print Hmong Family Health Guide. Terms in the dictionary are bold in the health guide, as coordinated by Kia Her.

If you find translation errors on - especially in the illustrations and dictionary - please use the Contact link. Based on focus groups held Spring 2007 and other user feedback, we are working on a new site design. There is still time for suggestions - please send via the Contact page.

Given the translation challenges, the print publication date for the Hmong Family Health Guide will be early 2008.


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