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Cancer and Diabetes resources updated - link choices expanding

Friday, April 14, 2006 at 1:37:56 AM website resources are expanding to include more links and bilingual resources.

16-Diabetes is the first section completed for the online Hmong Family Health Guide. It is also our first translation - with permission - from the Ohio-based HealthInfoTranslations project. This was a handout for our diabetes workshop. For now it is linked from the Diabetes page. More cancer resources have been added, with the section for the health guide coming soon.

In addition to Hmong language resources, we are adding more audiovisual resources. In addition to more videos, we are adding links to the Medline Plus and Health Roads Media interactive tutorials on our Family Health and Healthy Living topic pages. We hope this will provide visual materials that can be interpreted when Hmong langage resources are not available.

Please send us more suggestions for links and library resources, using the Contact page. We will evaluate and add those that are approriate as quickly as possible.


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