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Hmong Health Listserv

Wednesday, April 15, 2009 at 12:00:00 AM

Please join our mailing list to receive information related to Hmong health and culture. Note that the moderator's email has changed, and this announcement replaces the @ sign with at in an attempt to reduce the amount of SPAM the moderator rejects.

The purpose of the Hmong Health mailing list is to discuss issues related to Hmong health. This includes:

  1. Announcements of educational programs related to Hmong health and culture
  2. Information related to the health status of the Hmong people
  3. Updates to the Hmong Health website at
  4. Announcements of books and audiovisual resources related to Hmong health, as produced by our subscribers and other reputable organizations
  5. Questions and discussion related to Hmong health promotion and education

This is a moderated list, which means that all messages will be approved by the list moderator. Messages are usually not rejected, unless inappropriate for the list or SPAM.

List messages are archived at Only those subscribed have access to the archives.

To subscribe, please send an email request to the moderator, pegallen67 at We ask that you include your full name, address, and a brief note indicating why you are interested. This is to help identify our audience and reduce SPAM.

If you would like to share information via the list, please send an email message to hmonghealth at We accept attachments, but prefer to include a link to documents on your website. You can also copy text of announcements into your message.

This list is supported by the National Network/Libraries of Medicine Greater Midwest Region (NN/LM GMR), located at the Library of the Health Sciences, University of Illinois Chicago (UIC), and the Hmong Health Education Network project currently funded by the National Library of Medicine and managed by the Wausau Area Hmong Mutual Association (WAHMA).

Margaret (Peg) Allen, MLS-AHIP, Hmong Health Moderator pegallen67 at or  pegallen67 at (preferred)






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