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English-Hmong anatomy & medical phrase book out of print

Wednesday, April 05, 2006 at 4:11:54 PM

Based on March 23, 2006 message to Hmong Health listserv:

We're sorry to report that the English-Hmong anatomy & medical phrase book is completely out of print - all copies have been sold. This is noted on the website record. The medical phrase portion is available via the website in the Hmong Family Health Guide section, along with illustrations from Aspirus Wausau Hospital. These Health illustrations include translations of the English labels.

We are working on a new expanded edition, which will be published online as sections are completed. The content will be in the Hmong Family Health Guide, Health illustrations, and Health Dictionary sections of the website.

We are also working on new anatomy illustrations, as we were unable to get copyright permisison from the original source.

The health guide will include updated content from several sources, including new sections for topics where we haven't found bilingual resources.

The glossary/dictionary for this book will be based on the terms and definitions from the new Health Dictionary section on the website. Comments and new terms should be sent to the dictionary editors from the Contact page. Dr. Xa Xiong from UW Health Fox Valley - Appleton volunteered to join our dictionary team at the Hmong National Development (HND) conference in March 2006-welcome! MeLee Thao, RN, PA, has reviewed translations from source materials, and Khoua Xiong is editing and recording the Hmong terms. Audio files will be added to the dictionary by the end of April.

FYI, our translations are in White Hmong, using words that Hmong elders will understand. As noted in all the health sessions I attended at HND, medical translation is a challenge, since many medical words do not exist in the Hmong language...

Margaret (Peg) Allen, MLS-AHIP

Coordinator, Hmong Health Education Network.


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